The Benefits of Augmented Reality


What may be considered as one of the most interesting developments in gaming is Augmented Reality or AR. This gaming technology presents developers with a lot of possibilities. This may be considered still in the primitive state, but it can be expected to accelerate in the next five years. Learn more about why augmented reality is important, go here.
For those who are not familiar about augmented reality, it can be defined simply as being where the virtual environment is mixed or placed on top of the real world environment to come up with a single reality that is known as Augmented Reality.
An example of AR is the movie Terminator 2 wherein Arnold Schwarzenegger has an augmented vision which enables him to see the real world and at the same time there are scans and data presented around objects that can be found in the real world. AR will mean fun for most millennials as they can now walk down the street as real people with both real people and characters from Star Wars and Lord of the Rings who may climb posts and glide around street curbs. Find out for further details on why augmented reality is important right here.
There are reasons for enhancing the AR technology. One reason is that it can be useful to everyday life. You can now have a device built in your prescription spectacles that enables you to catch a train or commute your way to work while you access your emails and surf through the net. You can do all these while wearing your own spectacles.
It is indeed clear that AR can be used in many instances and scenarios but its most exciting use is in the gaming industry. The latest development is AR contact lenses. You can expect to go to the forest, walk around the beach, or to a quarry site and function as a first person shooter while moving around real world surroundings while wearing AR contact lenses.
This technology can also be used in the air force by the pilots. The modern headgears that pilots wear in the air force have AR technology. That’s why the visor that comes with the headgear can present vital information to the pilot such as enemy location, trajectories, maps, instructions, and even specific details about the entire jet.
This helps a lot in the tactical and strategic decision making of the pilot which can translate to increased chances for success of their mission. This technology is quite promising and people are more interested in it.


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